Games are won or lost in the fourth quarter.

The same is true in life.

It’s the fourth quarter. The 9th inning. The home stretch. The 5th set. 

Whatever sport you prefer, the story is the same. Games are won or lost in those moments. We all know this as a fan of any sport or any team.

What do you want your team to do in that fourth quarter?

What do you want them to do in order to be successful in those moments where the chips are down and the game is on the line?

You would want your team to train. Practice. Learn. Drill. Prepare.

All of that needs to be done before the game. And then the day of the game, you want them to go out there and crush it at the start, build on that and progress during the middle, and then be able to sail smoothly into a fourth quarter where the victory is all but secured.

You want the enemy on the ropes in the final minutes.

What is training? What is practice? What is preparation for victory?

In sports, you know what this is. You know what these sprinters have done to get to this moment, and you know what they are doing now as they close in on the home stretch.

You also know the focus. The training. The effort it takes to come in at the bottom of the 9th and hit it out of the park.

There is no better feeling if this is your team.

Imagine that this isn’t about sports. Imagine that this is about your life and your financial future.

That analogy is all the same.

You have to work hard, train, practice, and prepare.

If you want to crush it in the fourth quarter, you need to start preparing for it today.

The choice is now yours. You know the game you’re in. Are you going to set up your fourth quarter for success? Or are you going to go in behind?

Without a healthy investment, your fourth quarter is going to be painful.

The partner you want in the fourth quarter.