Will you outlive your money?

Your entire life comes down to this question in retirement. You will spend 1/3 of your life living with the answer.

This is $100, today

In 30 years, it’s worth $40.*

That’s what inflation does.

From the day you retire to the day you or your partner pass away, inflation will happen just like this, to you.

*based off of historical inflation figures

If your plan to increase your investment income doesn't beat inflation, then you have a plan for running out of money.

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Bruce Lee said he didn’t value someone who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but valued whomever practiced one kick 10,000 times.

We’ve reviewed over 10,000 financial plans. Retirement, taxes, insurance, annuities. 

Our only job is to help folks make the right kind of plan. It’s a much shorter, less complicated process than you might expect. But we can say that because it’s all we do, everyday. 

The data effects us all equally

But we don’t all respond equally. The wrong response is costly. The right response gets a comfortable retirement.


At trendline inflation of three percent, the cost of living goes up almost two and a half times over thirty years.

What this means for you

If you haven’t got a plan to increase your income about as much as your living costs are going up in retirement, then you have a plan for running out of money.

The S&P

The S&P’s stock index is currently made up of hundreds of the largest, best financed, most profitable companies in America and the world. Those companies have been raising their dividends at very nearly twice the inflation rate as long as anyone reading this has been alive.

What this means for you

Rising dividends are the most important strategy to keep your retirement income growing well beyond your living costs.

Currency isn't Money

The only rigorous definition of money is purchasing power. Currency isn’t money; it’s just currency, and it loses some of its purchasing power every day, because of inflation. Even if you perfectly preserve your principal, and your cost of living doubles over time, you’ll have lost half your money.

What this means for you

​History speaks louder than the emotion of the moment. You are statistically highly unlikely to gain an advantage over the equity market by going in and out of it because of current events or perceived threats. Our policy is to avoid radical changes based upon events, always. We counsel that if your goals haven’t changed, you ought not to change your portfolio.

*Rising dividends is the way smart people have kept their retirement incomes growing well beyond their living costs.

How we define a successful plan

Start your plan

Improve your plan

Review your plan

You can do this today.

If you haven’t started a plan, the best time is the present, and 80 years of data proves it.

If you already have a plan, get a second opinion. If our portfolios can beat your current setup, you win.

And if you just aren’t sure, let’s review where you’re at.

The bottom line

Together, if we get this right

You get this

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