The Legacy Fund

An exclusive fund designed to massively reduce tax and build a legacy.

An EQB Exclusive

If you’re reading this, you know how funds work. So you know the three basic questions that all should answer.

WHO is pooling their money in it?

WHO is in charge of the portfolio?

HOW LONG is the investment horizon for liquidity?

Our HNW clients who meet one of two criteria. (1) sold business for 7 figures and did this with us, claiming 0% tax and secure investments, or (2) 2M+ revenue business with at least 250K per year in new investment contributions.

You’ll be invested with a cohort of people with similar goals and values.

Me. And my investment team.

Collectively, we manage a total of $2 BN of investments.

But I oversee everything. I have at least 35 more years of active work. Most fund managers are hanging up their boots in under 10 years. You’ve got my full attention for a long time.

Minimum 7 years. Optimal at 10. But designed with your children and grandchildren in mind.

But There Should Be A 4th Question

Are you capping the fund?

Do you want to be pooled in an uncapped fund with everyone?

Or an exclusive fund?

A Fund Framework & Constitution

All funds are designed to grow. But it’s their framework (like a Constitution) that allows them to grow at below or above the average annual return.

Here’s the reality.

You know how funds make money – percent on investment. So, every fund manager soon learns that winning new clients is better for business revenue compared to winning for the current clients. That’s why the biggest funds with the most clients typically perform below the S&P.

But that’s not right, for you.

So, I’ve capped the fund at 250M. (the average client invests about $1M initially, so I’m onboarding about 250 clients into this fund and then closing the door)

My job isn’t to go out and run sales pitches every week. It’s to find every possible way to increase your returns.

I’m done writing this website now. You aren’t paying me to do this.

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